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"I look forward, every morning, to my “word”. Working through this journal is benefiting me enormously, I say this as someone who would not normally dream of doing something like this. To just let yourself flow with a word like “water” or “air” , without judgement or censorship , I find, is immensely liberating and insightful. "

Amazon Review

"As a parent, I am deeply invested in nurturing my son's self-confidence and self-esteem, particularly since I struggled with these issues myself. This journal has been an incredible resource for both of us, teaching us the importance of kindness and self-worth. I believe that this kind of daily reflection and introspection should be an integral part of any school curriculum. The earlier we can instill these values in children, the better equipped they will be to navigate life's challenges with resilience and self-assurance. This journal has helped us develop a greater appreciation for ourselves and others, fostering a positive outlook on life that I hope my son will carry with him throughout his life. Thank you for creating such a powerful tool."

Nicole Weinstein

"I firmly believe that happiness comes from within, from finding inner-peace and deriving joy in helping others. This journal has been instrumental in helping me recognize my value, my thoughts, and my overall happiness. I am immensely grateful to Shiawase Press for this amazing tool that has brought so much positivity into my life. It has helped me understand myself better, appreciate my accomplishments, and acknowledge my areas of growth. With each entry, I am reminded of the power of self-reflection and how it can positively impact my well-being. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource."

Amazon Review

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